Xbox updating slow

If your like me - impatient, and want a quick and easy solution to watching a video on your 0 - 00 Xbox 360, without Microsoft's stupid proprietary video format (.wmv), then i suggest you try this tutorial. I was pretty impatient, dismissing most of the long tutorials, until i found out a nice little program that streams formats other than to your xbox 360.THIS IS VERY SIMPLE TO DO AND WILL TAKE ONLY A FEW HOURS TO COMPLETE!!! This guide will basically show you how to play several different video formats on your Xbox 360 without having to buy and install Windows Media Center OS.Although this is the case, you can find packages such as the "k-lite codec pack" that installs several decoders/codecs as the same installation, but seperate programs.Every decoder worked perfectly for me except for the FFDshow program which only decoded the following types of files- .xvid/compressed .avi- uncompressed I couldn't manage to decode files that were compressed with codecs such as .mp4 using FFDshow, so bear this in mind.In other words, it lets you change the title of the codec used to compress the file you want to watch.(it doesn't actually change the codec itself)Browse for a media file by clicking on the folder icon.Now replace the original code with "xvid" in both boxes.

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If you are already connected to a computer and want to disconnect from it, go to the System blade (purple background) and go to computerscomputer.It uninstalled itself on my computer (How this happened i will never know) and I was trying to figure out why I kept getting connection error messages when trying to play non formats on my xbox.Now, you must download and install a freeware program called TVersity from message should come up detailing how to connect to a computer - press "yes, continue"It should now start searching for windows based pc's that are connected on the LAN.Once it has finished searching it should come up with a list of computers on your network.

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