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The qigong and Chinese scholar, Stuart Alve Olson, says the seated Eight Section Brocade form was created by T'ao Hung-ching, a Taoist adept living in the fifth century CE, and further developed by the Taoist sage Chen Tuan (Chen Hsi-yi, Hsi-yi) living in the tenth century CE.During the period of 800 - 1200 CE, variations of these exercises were done in Wudang Mountain Daoist Temples for health and meditation purposes, and some were used as warm up exercises by monks training at the Shaolin Temple in hard style martial arts.

A number of the postures depicted in the Dao-yin Tu closely resemble some postures in the Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung (The Wonders of Qigong, 1985, pp. Hua T'o (110-207 CE) is one of the most famous physicians of the Han Dynasty.

He created a series of exercises called the "Animal Frolics." There are many versions of the animal frolics exercises today, and some of these exercises are similar to those found in the Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung.

In The History of the Later Han, Hua T'o wrote: "Man's body must have exercise, but it should never be done to the point of exhaustion.

Over many centuries in China, traditional medical remedies (e.g., herbs, massage, diet, heat, acupuncture, exercise routines, etc.) were combined with esoteric and magical Daoist (Taoist) and local shamanistic healing practices.

In addition, trade and cultural exchanges between India and China transferred Buddhist theory and practices, Tantra, Yoga, Dao-yin, medicinal herbs, medical techniques, and martial arts training techniques between these civilizations.

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