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My parents were always picking out harmonies and teaching us how to sing them.

I definitely attribute a great deal of my love of music to those moments in my childhood.

Eisley is an indie band from Tyler, Texas, made up of Elle Puckett (guitars), Jedidiah Lachmann (keys), cousins Garron Du Pree (bass) and Remington Du Pree (drums) and sisters Sherri Du Pree-Bemis (vocals, guitars) and Christie Du Pree (vocals). We’re only on our fifth show as of tonight [in Denver] but the shows have been so exciting and the crowds have been so energetic and engaged.

Since their formation in 1997, the band has survived lineup and label changes, major tours, divorces and kids. We’re playing two songs from our new album [out next year] and I forgot how fun it is to play new songs!

All my parents had to do one year for Christmas was to give my sisters and I a cheap electrical guitar and an amp. What is beauty to you and how do you define beauty?

I think anything that brings light or joy into the world is beauty.

From as early on as I can remember, my family was singing together.

We had a very Southern family upbringing where we would take walks in the woods and sit on our front porch singing folk songs.

Anyhow, the pieces were well made, 60's vibes and super chic mommy/daughter matching.

Is it difficult for you and your husband [Say Anything frontman Max Bemis] to both be touring so often? (Laughs) But not too difficult or we wouldn’t be doing it. What was it like opening for Coldplay and The Fray? Those tours seem like ages ago and I guess, in reality, they were.

Luckily we are on the same label and have the same management so we have this amazing team of people who always are willing to work with us to make our touring schedules align to me as convenient as possible for us as a family. We both realize we’re so blessed to have people who want to listen to our music and help facilitate our dreams, so we work hard to make it happen because it’s what we want and love! After you have a kid or two, it’s hard to remember what life was before they came along. So one of my new favorite bands Balance And Composure has their new record out soon. Honestly since having my girls, I listen to whatever they want to hear…which has consisted of a TON of Sia (laughs).

It has to come from my heart, from my gut, or you won’t ever hear the song.

So just know that if you’re hearing an Eisley song that we fully believe in it and it’s the truest thing we could create in that moment of our lives.

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