Updating verizon cell sites on phone

The more you move around while you talk on the phone, the harder the phone has to work and the spottier your reception may be. If your reception doesn't improve, move on to the next step.

Move to a higher floor in your house or building if one's available; even standing up can help.

In both cases, when your cellular service restarts, your phone automatically finds the cell tower with the strongest signal in your current location.

Verizon sells hardware signal boosters to boost the strength of the Verizon signal in your home or other building.

When a carrier setting update is available, you'll be prompted to install it.You can download Open Signal from the Apple App Store or Google Play, where it shows in search results as 3G 4G Wifi Maps and Speed Test.Verizon adds and changes cell phone towers periodically, especially in large urban areas.Use the Open Signal app to guide you to the locations with the strongest signal.Open Signal shows you the direction of the strongest Verizon cell tower signal and displays a map of cell towers near you.

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