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In fact, according to Dawson, some of the coals at Joggins are composed almost entirely of leaves.

If these two trees were one in the same, then not only was this tree upright, but it may have pierced more than just sandstone.

Others pretend as if they won the debate long ago with regard to how we arrived on Earth, and that it should Unfortunately for the cause of science, this has resulted in an almost paranoia of writing anything that remotely resembles a catastrophic viewpoint. The fact that Calamites are preserved as casts is an indication that they had hollow interiors.

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It seemed strange to suggest that many of the fossil trees have "extensive root systems" yet the pictures and drawings of them do to describe fossil trees that are upright in relation to the surrounding strata. The roots are about two feet long and appear to be truncated.

Drifted plants and trees also occur in many sections of this strata. Prostrate and erect trees, with rootlets; leaves; Naiadites; Spirorbis on the Plants. Note also that this tree was thought by Dawson to be coniferous, and that such trees (at Joggins) are almost always found in "drift" strata, and are discussed in greater detail in Part Two of this paper.

These drift deposits are scattered over more than 10,000 vertical feet of strata. Although it is possible that the roots of this tree were not broken off, but only appear that way because the cliff-face below the tree may have fallen out.

The fact that this strata displays a high degree of lateral continuity suggests that there was little time between deposition of the layers.

Even if only a few years separated each layer then we would expect to see evidence of this in the form of erosion between the layers.

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