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Simply center the wooden disk, wind up the strings, alternately relax and tighten the tension and watch the Buzz Saw twirl. #304 NATURAL CUP & BALL~ Natural-finished version of this classic toss-toy.

Includes complete directions for use and history.#319-B REVOLUTIONARY WAR SIGNAL WHISTLE~ During the Revolutionary War, signal whistles played an important role in signaling commands to the sharpshooters of the Continental Army.[ 58, -1] I remember he called himself 'meet-the-parents-dol' on 'Strong Heart' 6.[ 46, -0] He was such a mess back then, using formal words like 'meet the parents' ㅋㅋㅋ what was he thinking making such irresponsible statements?Our signal whistle package includes typical battlefield whistle signals and history.#336 LADY ANNE'S CAROSELLO RING-TOSS TOY~ Delightful ring-toss toy that dates back to the early Renaissance!Toss the ribboned ring in the air and try to catch it on the rod.

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