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From Wiki Roka Kitsuregawa is a student in year one of class two who is a member of the woman's basketball team and serves as the heroine of the story.

Tender and friendly, she initially comes upon Yuuki in the school library, and, following a more developed acquaintance through his sister Chie, becomes attracted to him.

Although confident and bright, due to his short height and bespectacled nature, he suffers from an inferiority complex and is easily manipulated, especially by his older sister Chie.

Yuuki enjoys reading, playing MMOs and looks up to Kyouichi Kasannoin as his mentor and senpai. Willful yet caring, Chie Ashikaga is the older sister of Yuuki who, like Roka, is a member of the woman's basketball team.

(Appears as a side character in Cross Days.) A generally mannered and composed student in year one of class three, his life becomes complicated when he begins to unfaithfully initiate polyamorous relationships with girls that he is unable or unwilling to singly commit to.

Although he is originally casual, gregarious and understanding, after becoming a sex addict, it completely corrupts his personality and he instead became apathetic, rash, and egotistical towards others, regardless of the harm or later consequences.

Though genuinely upbeat, Sekai does occasionally show a more serious side, and when sufficiently frustrated can be loud, selfish, overemotional and even manipulative.[From Wikipedia]The eldest of the Nijou Sisters and a friend of Niki Ookuma.Hanon was one of Makoto's friends of in Middle High School before her fallout with Otome which resulted in her transfer to Watajo.She is also known to engage in compensate dating with many people.Sekai Saionji is a student in year one of class three who is the antithesis and foil of Kotonoha.

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