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The Relation of Church-Going & Other Background Factors to the Socio-Economic Performance of Blk. From Inner-City Pvrty Tracts 227191, Are Imports to Blame?

Evidence on Herding and Feedback Trading 226736, Education and Unemployment 226747, Changing Social Security Survivorship Benefits and the Poverty of Widows 226754, The Dynamics of High Inflation 226764, Elderly Health, Housing, and Mobility 226766, Immigration, Investment and Real Wages 226777, Employment Effects of Minimum and Subminimum Wages: Reply to Card, Katz and Krueger 226783, An Empirical Assessment of the Proximity-Concentration Tradeoff between Multinational Sales and Trade 226784, An Empirical Assessment of the Factor Proportions Explanation of Multi-National Sales 226858, Pension Fund Investment Policy 226869, The Dynamic Effects of Aggregate Demand and Supply Disturbances 226874, A Procedure for Predicting Recessions with Leading Indicators: Econometric Issues and Recent Experience 226875, The European Central Bank: A Bank or a Monetary Policy Rule 226878, National Origin and Immigrant Welfare Recipiency 226880, Convertible Bonds as "Back Door" Equity Financing 226890, Learning from the Reagan Deficits 226895, Diminished Expectations of Nuclear War and Increased Personal Savings: Evidence from Individual Survey Data 226896, The Bretton Woods International Monetary System: An Historical Overview 226907, Who Owns the Assets in a Defined Benefit Pension Plan 226913, Trade Structure and Transmission of Inflation: Theory and Japanese Experience 226984, The Political Economy of U. Export Subsidies for Wheat 226985, What Ends Recessions?

225644, The Characteristics of Multi-Unit Ownership in Franchising: Evidence from Fast-Food Restaurants in Texas 225645, Fundamental Determinants of National Equity Market Returns: A Perspective on Conditional Asset Pricing 225646, An International Comparison of Employment Adjustment to Exchange Rate Fluctuations 225648, Do Borders Matter for Social Capital? Strategic Trade: A Peek into Pandora's Box 225970, Young and Out in Germany: On the Youths' Chances of Labor Market Entrance in Germany 225972, Social Security and Retirement in France 225973, The Benefits of Privatization: Evidence from Mexico 225974, Trade and Environment: Bargaining Outcomes from Linked Negotiations 225975, A House of Her Own: Old Age Assistance and the Living Arrangements of Older Nonmarried Women 225976, Gradual Incorporation of Information into Stock Prices: Empirical Strategies 225977, Discount Rate Heterogeneity and Social Security Reform 225980, Option Hedging Using Empirical Pricing Kernels 225981, Trade and Security, I: Anarchy 225982, Both Sides of Corporate Diversification: The Value Impacts of Geographic and Industrial Diversification 225983, Consumption vs. 225987, The Value of Children and Immigrants in a Pay-as-You-Go Pension System: A Proposal for a Partial Transition to a Funded System 225988, Business Cycles Observed and Assessed: Why and How They Matter 225989, Trade Versus Investment Liberalization 226141, Does Schooling Cause Growth or the Other Way Around?

Production of Insurance 225984, The Surprising Symmetry of Gross Job Flows 225985, What Accounts for the Variation in Retirement Wealth Among U. 226142, Career Concerns of Mutual Fund Managers 226143, It's Not About the Money: Why Natural Experiments Don't Work on the Rich 226145, Unit Roots, Postwar Slowdowns and Long-Run Growth: Evidence from Two Structural Breaks 226146, Did Unilateral Divorce Raise Divorce Rates?

171616, Capital Flows in Asia 196389, Evidence on Learning and Network Externalities in the Diffusion of Home Computers 196390, The Phillips Curve is Back?

Using Panel Data to Analyze the Relationship between Unemployment and Inflation in an Open Economy 196391, The Quality of Health Care Providers 197071, Stock Repurchases in Canada: Performance and Strategic Trading 197072, Comparing Hospital Quality at For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Hospitals 197088, Assessing Affirmative Action 197108, Estimating the Payoff to Attending a More Selective College: an Application of Selection on Observables and Unobservables 197128, Comparing the Economic and Conventional Approaches to Financial Planning 197129, Pensions and Retiree Health Benefits in Household Wealth: Changes from 1969 to 1992 197168, An Efficiency Approach to the Evaluation of Policy Changes 197188, Political Economy, Sectoral Shocks, and Border Enforcement 197708, Pre-Retirement Cashouts and Foregone Retirement Saving: Implications for 401(K) Asset Accumulation 197728, New Directions for Stochastic Open Economy Models 197928, What Inventory Behavior Tells Us About Business Cycles 198028, Wages and the Allocation of Hours and Effort 198049, Costs of Air Quality Regulation 207649, The Distributional Effects of an Investment-Based Social Security System 207668, Making Single Mothers Work: Recent Tax and Welfare Policy and its Effects 213569, Estimating Exchange Rate Exposures: Some "Weighty" Issues 214614, The Role of Alcohol and Drug Consumption in Determining Physical Fights and Weapon Carrying by Teenagers 214628, Money as Stock: Price Level Determination with No Money Demand 214631, The Political Economy of the Budget Surplus in the U. : Empirical Evidence after GATT 214638, Identification Through Heteroskedasticity: Measuring "Contagion: Betweenargentinean and Mexican Sovereign Bonds 217828, Is Addiction "Rational"?

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