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And I’m certain I’ll discuss things that I haven’t contemplated yet. First of all, I apologize for neglecting this blog for so long.

I’ve been super busy doing stuff at Open Xml, and after interacting there, haven’t had energy for blogging here.

After learning far more than I wanted to about PHP and My SQL, I finally determined that I had a corrupted comments table in My SQL – I installed php My Admin, and then was able to repair the table, and presto, comments started working again!

I will be working on responding to comments (even old ones) here over the next while.

Now by default this will be returned to your in XML, so in order to use this in Share Point Designer which requires JSON inside the Dictionary Object (see my post here if you need a refresher on that) you will need to modify the headers to accept JSON using the Accept Headers.

In this example I am using an On Premises Share Point 2013 with Workflows enabled, I am also using Share Point Designer 2013 as well, that is if for tooling. The generic url will be /_api/web/lists/get List By Title(‘’)/items which fetches List Items from a Named list using o Data.What you will see below in the image is us using the Variable Count as the upperbound in our Loop and then getting the JSON data into Local Variables to be manipulated in the Workflow Logic.So, i have been talking about this for a while as most people who have known me for a long time, know be because of my work and efforts in Share Point BCS.Recently, there was an update to the v Next branch of Open-Xml-Power Tools on Git Hub ( Dev/Open-Xml-Power Tools) that enabled pulling the Open-Xml-Sdk via Nu Get.This reduces steps necessary to build the Power Tools, and make a step in the right direction, which is to use the Nu Get package manager to simplify use of libraries.

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