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Because of statutory requirements, the Bureau of Central Police Records will need to know how you are involved in the report and the reason you are obtaining the report. (RSMo 566.600) Those seeking information of the procedure for obtaining a Concealed Carry Permit will find an explanation of the procedure as implemented in St. Please Note: Longer than expected wait times may be experienced on Mondays, Fridays and each last week of the month.

Acceptable reasons for obtaining the report may be that you are the victim, suspect, driver (traffic accident only), attorney for victim, insurance company, property owner, family member (traffic accident only) or news media (traffic accident only). Louis County, as well as links to all pertinent legislation on our Concealed Carry page. No applications for new or renewal licenses will be accepted after P. DO NOT APPLY FOR A LICENSE IF: A NATIONWIDE CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK WILL BE CONDUCTED ALL APPLICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO REVIEW AND MAY BE DENIED FOR REASONS OTHER THAN THOSE LISTED ABOVE The Private Security Licensing Application and Professional Licensing Manual may be downloaded from the link below: The Bureau of Central Police Records provides fingerprinting services for .00 per card.

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Convicted sex offenders may register in the Sex Offender Registry Unit Monday through Friday A. Downloadable Form For information concerning professional licensing of security personnel, please call (314) 615-4272 Clerks will be available to process applications between the hours of A. For fingerprinting information, call (314) 615-3941 during regular business hours. The last week of each month is a high volume time for the Bureau of Central Police Records.

If the guy or girl is dating someone younger and they are 21 or older the person they are dating has to be at least 17.

During the fall of 2008, our founder, Deidre was exposed to a documentary on human sex-trafficking.

Parents can consent and then changed their mind at any time...

All it takes is one pissed off parent or family member...

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