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I've placed part one in the Lesbian section as the major 'action' of this part occurs between two women. They were bundled up on the couch, sitting by a fire under a big fleece when it happened. Shocked, surprised and acting on instinct, Billie kissed back, putting her hand on Michelle's cheek, feeling herself melt from her friend's soft lips. Michelle's talented tongue played her, Billie's hips moving in time to the other girl's rhythm, tempo rising until Billie's soft cries broke the silent dance. There was no hiding what had gone on the night before. Sleepyheads." He leaned over Billie, kissed Michelle and left, closing the door behind him. "Michelle, this is what I DIDN'T want," she sobbed. Try as she might, Michelle and Sean wouldn't let Billie feel awkward for long.

Part two will go into the group sex category in a week or so as it will involve the same two woman with the addition of a man. If she were wired that way, Sean was the kind of guy she would have gone for. Michelle casually leaned over and kissed Billie on the mouth. Knowing she would hate herself tomorrow, Billie pulled away. I like Sean and won't do this to him," she said, tears welling in he eyes. "Honey look, I told him I'd become very attracted to you, as more then just a friend and I wanted to see if you felt the same way. "Ooo, ooo, unnn," she mewed, "Ooo, ooo." Billie's movements became erratic, her ass coming off the sofa, her cries louder until she broke with a loud groan, "Ohhhhhhhh! Michelle followed her, not letting go, tonguing the girl, bringing her higher, harder until Billie, unable to take anymore, pusher her head away, whispering, "Stop, enough, stop! She heard Michelle say from next to her, "Hey, where's mine" "Right here," he answered, handing another mug across Billie to Michelle. "I told you, I LIKE Sean, he's one of my best friends! " Michelle hugged her, careful not to spill the hot coffee. Other then the fact that Billie was all too conscious she was naked under her borrowed robe, it could have been no different from any of a dozen other times they had dined together.

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For that matter, Michelle had dark blond hair, a slim build and a nice smile too. When they were unable to watch a game together, one would call the other on the phone and they would dissect it well into the night. She scrunched down, lower, between Billie's open thighs, running her tongue through the mass of black curls to the slick softness below. Everything will be fine." Billie just held her for a few moments, composing herself.

Then I grabbed the vibrator and touched it to her clit. It couldn't have been a minute since her orgasm, and everything about her was a ball of nerve endings. Marjorie's head was hanging over in an exhausted, post-orgasmic bliss.

With her whole body shuddering in orgasm, I began slamming my cock into her has hard as I could, and then roared as I dumped all my cum into her. She opened her mouth to inhale my now softening member.

When I first started working here, I got more than a few dates by helping skinny girls dye some concrete pink, or some such nonsense. I was pretty good at spotting the bondage freaks by the time I saw her for the first time. Right now, I have Marjorie bent over a plywood box. I learned from the art students that helping out led to the occasional fuck session. If she had any hair on her pussy, I'm sure it would match.

Her hands are cuffed under her, she's using them to finger her ass between her legs. It's glistening - she's rubbing furiously at her snatch, trying to get as slick as possible.

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