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It clung to his body as though it had shrunk in the washing machine. You'll probably be shipped back to America." At that news, his eyes widened. I'll need to inspect your naked body – every inch of it." He looked shocked. I am your commander, after all." He looked like he was mulling it over. Getting down to business, I commanded, "First order: take off your shirt." He stripped slowly, pulling the shirt over his head. I deliberately avoided looking at him for a while, trying to unnerve him. Because my office faced the west, it bore the intense brunt of the Iraqi sun when it set. Normally, I would have been annoyed, but the heat made sweat soak through Brandon's tight t-shirt. I put a hand on his shoulder, feeling the bulge of his muscular deltoid. I'm afraid I'm going to have to report you to the Department. I have a family to support back home." I loved it when they begged me. "You will be punished here then." "Thank you, sir." He sounded really grateful. I hadn't done anything sexual with another man in over two days. "Private Brandon, it has also come to my attention that you are way too hot. If you want to stay, you'll have to do exactly as I say. After that, he seemed to really warm up to me, more open to the idea of doing things with another man. His balls just hung, almost all the way to the ground. Horny as hell now, I reached out and grabbed his cock. We were supposed to help train the Iraqi military after Saddam Hussein's death. "I looked for it this morning, but I must have misplaced it." "Misplacing a weapon is a serious offense," I stated, looking him right in the eye. Most young recruits like him would have avoided eye contact with their commander, but not this one. "Private Brandon, you are to meet me in my office at 2100 hours. At first I thought Brandon was early, but it turned out to be George, who was this lean, muscular, tanned brown-haired, 25 year-old corporal. "Yes, please come in, Corporal." Although he wasn't Brandon, I was happy to see George, who was, hands down, the second hottest guy at the base. It was a nervous tic he had, usually done when he was torn about something. I would spend the day doing my job, but the night was all mine, all mine to hunt for sexual prey. He was bold and daring without being insubordinate. He motioned behind him, and in walked Corporal Jesse, who was this redhead twink. Finally, George squeaked out, "Sir, we have a problem. Immediately, I was filled with sexual chemicals, endorphins or serotonin, or whatever it was. They were all kneeling in front of me, their faces down. The late evening heat was intense, almost suffocating. I immediately thought of George with the tanned skin and brown hair and Jesse the redhead twink. *** A while later, I was standing in front of three naked young man.

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Fortunately, there weren't a lot of women serving and the Army is full of big, muscular, he-men, so I had no trouble finding my prey. Although I was stationed in a backwater, third-world, God-forsaken, furnace-hot country, I at least had something to console myself with. Maybe I wouldn't need to work so hard at seducing the cute blond after all. There was a giant bulge underneath, as though he was getting excited performing for me. So, I flung the gun onto the floor and dropped my pants, and then my underwear. I marched in front of them and paused at each one to inspect the troops. " After a while, I was rock hard and needed immediate sexual release. Since they were both poor and needed the money, they were only too willing to comply. What if the enemy had broken through the defenses and came at us then? If so, they would also get in trouble." "No." He shook his head vigorously. I've been peeking at them." I stood up, walking over to him. Tall, built, broad chest, broad shoulder, thick, tree-trunk arms. I take full responsibility for my actions." I examined him. "No, I would never." "Are you saying that your colleagues lied to me?

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