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Saraswatarishtam is a polyherbal fermented liquid preparation manufactured as per Ayurvedic reference.

As in the case of all arishta preparations ( fermented medicine with self generated alcohol), Saraswatarishtam contains 8- 12 % of self generated alcohol.

This alcohol and water acts as a medium to carry the herbal contents of the preparation to the different sites in the body.

Gold is one of the content of this preparation and has attracted the alchemist from far and wide.

The filtered decoction is added with the rest of the ingredients. The liquid is good for all ages for treating neurologic disorders.

Over a period of time bhasma of metals and other inorganic substances began to be used mainly due to the fact that they were effective in small doses.

This branch was called as Rasa-Shastra and preparation of mercury and sulphur was the base of this science.

"Ayurvedic medicines do not have an expiration date" is one such half-truth.

The concept of expiration date for medicines used in modern medicine arises from the fact that after a certain time, the substances undergo a change which makes them either ineffective or toxic.

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