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Ten years pass, and Laurel, a successful photographer in San Diego, gets a call.

Caden wants to see her before Caden goes in for surgery to have a brain tumor removed. Novan and Advocate Two con women are conned themselves and set out on a mission to give back a lifetime of ill-gotten gains.

Abend - Keket (aka Tragedy 88) The dark haired, beautiful Mahu is a desert Tiva.

Her life was relatively simple, till Jordan showed up on the edge of her Clan's land, with blood on her hands and a dead body in her arms.

After Midnight - Firefly Janice is in a romantic mood.

After the Siege - UDK_Bard A playful little vignette where Gabrielle wants Xena to explain her comments at the end of the episode "Amphipolis Under Siege". After the Volcano - Mary Morgan A winner, this story is about a father seeking revenge against Xena meets a bard looking for a loved one lost in a natural disaster.

However, the hero may not be all she at first seems!

All For A Moment's Memory Loss - Cheeyah To make amends for having forgotten Gabrielle's birthday, Xena agrees to do something she absolutely dreads. Crystal Michallet-Romero On All Hallow's Eve, Gabrielle plans a very special night with her warrior, in hopes of pleasing the spirits.

But their night of camping under the stars doesn't go as planned as the spirits play some good old fashion tricks on the two lovers.

Adventures Of Gabrielle (and some other person) (The) - Claire Withercross This is a parody of how the dynamic duo first got together.

It's likely to be the first in an occasional series.

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