One tree hill 8x11 online dating

Listening to this, Brooke breaks up with Nick, but he eventually comes to Brooke to tell her the truth.Nick then sees Tia, Brooke's fashion model when she asks him how the dress looks on her.I quickly realized it was not and spent the next three episodes ugly crying while Karen was a wreck.

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When Nick arrives, he asks everyone including Rachel to settle down, and she tries to flirt with him. Later, she goes to see Nick and says that she will tell Principal Turner about his relationship with Brooke. Then, she closes the door and hits on Nick but he refuses.In her next class, Brooke finds out that Nick is her new English teacher and she runs out of the classroom. They both agree to continue the relationship, but not a soul can know about it.As they have to keep their relationship a secret, Brooke and Nick comes to pick her up at Rachel's house for them to go on a date late at night, which Rachel witnesses.After Brooke found out that Nick had cheated on her, she ended the relationship.Nick and Tia met at a fashion show his then girlfriend Brooke Davis was taking part in with Tia as a model and following the show he asked her out for the evening and they went out and ended up having sex in his apartment.

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