Omnicom consolidating 2016

The impact of Davos for 2011 is to begin the year with active optimism, introducing new thinking, new connections, new ideas and networks to build on the micro-opportunities to contribute to the Forum’s mission to improve the state of the world.

omnicom consolidating 2016-23

All these dimensions of the new reality require first and foremost a common approach: basic values and shared norms to be turned into positive forces driving our future.

When asked by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, whether the euro has the capacity to survive, President Sarkozy said that, for the 17 member countries, the euro is a magnificent symbol of lasting peace.

There is a need to deepen and integrate the defence of the euro and never turn away from it.

“The new reality is an acceleration of globalization,” said Jacob Wallenberg, Chairman of Investor, Sweden.

To keep pace with emerging challenges, “we need to see more collaboration and dialogue between different stakeholders, which is what Davos is all about,” he added.

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