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if you got deep enough with recursion this buffer will clash with your stack frame. Luckily, I found locky-dga.c. I can not find the correct date and I don’t have the flag. check init code, setvbuf was called setting stdin buffer to an arbitrary stack location.

All these points are orthogonal: it is quite possible to conceive a lazy programming language which is not functional, or an eager (i.e.

non-lazy) functional programming language which still demands explicit sequencing of side effects.

Besides the backquote and the letters builtin isn't precisely a function, but we will consider it as such anyway.) Despite Unlambda being a form of the lambda calculus, it does not have a lambda (abstraction) operation.

I added a couple of functions (chosen for their obscurity) to the language so as to make output (and, in version 2, input) possible, or just to make things even more obscure (delay and call/cc are such).

The phrase “purely functional programming language” is usually applied to languages, like Haskell or Clean, which are lazy and demand explicit sequencing of side effects.

In fact, you can so well build your own structures and such that Unlambda is (and, to work, must be) garbage-collected like any decent high-level language. To start with, you have the builtin functions ( Although the very idea of a tutorial for such an obfuscated language as Unlambda is patently absurd, I shall try to give a brief introduction to the concepts before dwelling in the details of the reference section (which is also very short considering how small Unlambda is as a whole).

As has been mentioned in the introduction, the only objects that the Unlambda programming language manipulates are may themselves be obtained by applying various functions to each other.

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