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Whoo, finally, this episode started to make up for the crappy episodes 3 and 4... Though that is one really scary grandmother, going so far as calling at night and handing out fliers, and stuffing them in the mailbox of the teacher.

I found it weird we didn't get to see the going to hell part and that it just cut to after that, it felt kind of cut off for me, like they didn't have enough time to finish it. already starting to get tired of the "butterfly" scene thou, and i guess they will stick with it the whole season to, bah.

well if youve seen both seasons youre pretty much tired of that speech. lol seeing as people love instant gratification, if the hell girl thing actually wer real, i highly doubt that there isnt anybody who whould take advantage of it.

Yeah remember the deal was that if she sends a certain amount of people to hell she can return to her original body as she was at the time of her murder. Assuming that at the end of season she finished her deal....is supposed to have her body. Question: If someone has a grudge against the girl that Ai is possessing, does that mean Ai has to take revenge on her host body? (Sorry, the thought just occurred to me when I was watching this ep.)YES, YES YES! I really liked this episode, 'cause it shows that THIS IS WHAT HELL IS MADE OFF.

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i think now were going to see those contracts being disrupted now that shes becoming more aware of the situation. if youve watched the first season you would know this. second season pretty much seemed like had gotten out of it.

I will tell you: either double suicide OR she was just a sucker to go to hell AND sensei is going to heavens! the trouble with beating people up you dont like, or you have agrudge against is that there are some real and immediate concequences involved.

sending someone to hell this way is pretty much the perfect murder if you will.

and of course: this single time theres no one saying "I'm granting your revenge" in the end - only yare yare... What I think happened is shes broke the rules by sending that kid back to earth instead of hell.

Remember one fo villagers did send that kid and so Enma Ai refused such and thus sent him back out of there.

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