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“People watch everything in smaller chunks, have loads of windows open at once, get to the money shot quicker,” they tell me.

“But [the internet] has also made things available to watch that were never accessible before.

She points me to a documentary by the French director and former feminist-porn actor Ovidie, titled “Ovidie laments what I understand to be an emerging namelessness and facelessness in the mainstream industry,” Vogel tells me.“With so much free, disposable content, are we, on a conscious or subconscious level, learning that the people in porn are disposable bodies, part of a never-ending stream?And so we don’t need to care or even think about them as people? These are the words that segment our desires, where performers and performances are indexed and presented to the user as a bumper catalogue.To put it in context, one of our channels on Pornhub had 12 million views this year, and our XVideos channel had 75 million views this year, with every video carrying an advert for our site.We couldn't afford to build that traffic as beginners."The idea of Mind Geek as an X-rated evil empire may not, therefore, be so easy to square.

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