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Like painter’s tape, it peels off easily, but unlike that more industrial material, it comes in a wide array of shades, prints, and other colorful designs.As such, it may be an ideal—even attractive—option for those who want to turn cybersecurity into an opportunity for stylish self-expression.Painter’s tape: Designed to go on even and come off clean, painter’s tape—Oremus’ favored option—just edges out duct tape. What’s more, the classic blue shade may be even more unpleasantly inelegant atop monitors.editor protects herself with adorable stickers that depict kittens dressed up in sushi costumes.

Finally, the adhesive on the notes I tested seems weak enough that it seems as if it would come off easily during ordinary usage of my machine.

And when I did try to take it off, I found that it was difficult to remove: By the time I had gotten it off, I had destroyed it so thoroughly that it was unusable.

’s resident stationery-head June Thomas, washi tape is typically used to decorate envelopes, journals, and other paper products.

Significantly, the tape also largely disappeared against my computer’s frame, while still making it easy to tell when the camera’s activity light was on, making it an ideal option for paranoiacs who don’t want to publicize their paranoia, but want to know when they should be paranoid.

If anything, though, it was so hard to see that I worry I might forget it was there, which could be a problem when I actually need to use the camera.

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