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I notice, in my work, that a lot of couples in Sweden want to find “their own” style for their wedding day.

Some like to plan it small, to go abroad on a vacation and then maybe plan a small party for their family and friends at home in the garden.

Believed to live in Spain, Sinterklaas makes a grand entrance to the Netherlands every year, arriving in Amsterdam by steamship with glorious celebration.

This beloved figure is dressed in brightly colored red robes, and rides atop a beautiful white horse upon his arrival.

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Known in the Netherlands as Koninginnedag, Queen's Day is celebrated on April 30 to mark the birthday of the country's former monarch, Queen Juliana.While Queen Beatrix succeeded her mother, Juliana, in 1980, but she has chosen to keep her mother's birthdate as the official Queen's Day observance.By far the largest celebration in the Netherlands, the festivities in Amsterdam equal those of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, all revelers dress in orange, as a reference to the House of Orange-Nassau, the reigning dynasty which is ruled by the Dutch Royal Family.But once the initial thrill of being newly engaged wears off, the planning period begins.Getting married in Sweden is about as overwhelming as anywhere else, but if you’re not a native Swede this event can seem even more daunting.

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