Dating advice from a playboy bunny

I know people who would punch people in the face for less, so kudos to you. If you don’t, or you feel like he’s keeping in touch with his ex-bedmates for dodgy reasons, cut him off.

Tell your boyfriend that it puts you in an awkward/upsetting/uncomfortable spot when you learn that he used to hook up with someone that you know and you’re the last person to find out. I mentioned your situation to my friend Romy and she suggested you guys have a code word, like if a girl he used to sleep with walks in the room, he might say, “Oh, that’s a pineapple.” Not a bad suggestion if you can handle the knowledge. The most important thing is that you feel secure in the relationship.

role in it — shifted significantly in the final years of Hefner’s life.

The magazine, and Hefner himself, once trafficked in an image of male sophistication.

Yes, Hefner was on the right side of many of the biggest issues of the modern era: free speech, reproductive choice, gay rights.

From his vantage point, publishing a magazine full of naked women was just one part of the new culture of “free love.” Except of course the promise of freedom in love was less free for women, who still found themselves saddled with the social expectation of being sexual gatekeepers, and often burdened and shamed by any pregnancies that resulted.As I’ve gotten to know his friends it’s become apparent that *a lot* of his former hookups are still in his present social group. I know life happens and everyone has a past, but it’s uncomfortable when a mate of his says, ‘Oh yeah, when he and Jane were banging…’ and I didn’t know and I’m just like, ‘Oh, ok. But let’s get something clear: This is an entirely legitimate thing to feel uncomfortable about. Hefner did terrible things, and got rich off of them.But it’s still hard not to feel a little bit sorry for a man so clearly uncomfortable with himself that he built an empire on a commodified and empty casing of male sexual desire, a man who threw legendary parties to bond with other men over bikini-clad women, and who paid beautiful women to live in his house and have sex with him so he wouldn’t have to be alone.

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