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With our office in full Christmas spirit, weve asked our co-workers to share their top picks from our Gift Guide.

Get to know a few of the people behind Desenio and collect inspiration for this years holiday gifts.

Let me draw your attention today to something that occurred a couple of weeks ago that I find a little weird.

A You Tube vlogger called boh3m3 put up a video post featuring his theory that Vegemite is a scam perpetrated by Australians, who are attempting to trick foreigners into eating something that's disgusting.

Right now the color green is dominating the design scene and we are seeing it on everything from soft velvet sofas to wall art.To finish up today's post, here's a funny little mock advertisement for Vegemite, sent in by Paul and Michelle. Log on to the company website and proceed to destroy it using the weapon of mass destruction of your choice. If you want to see more of the balloon prank, here's the full video (warning - the victim drops an F-bomb).In unrelated news - tomorrow's Age comes with a copy of the program for this year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Here's a video that's not particularly funny, but it is pretty impressive. Thanks to James, Andrew, Meghan and Miles for contributing to this week's edition. A new edition of the weekly "Best laughs on the web" video is now online. Just a quick entry today to draw your attention to a story in our Technology section.Anyway, the first person out there to get their webcam vlog post screened on wins a prize.I don't know what the prize will be, it might just be my gratitude.

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